“Well, it is not true that my history is only in my heart; it is indeed there, but it is also in that dusty road in my town, and in every villager, living and dead, who has ever walked on it. It is in my country too; in my continent and, yes, in the world. That dusty little road is my link to all the other destinations.”

Chinua Achebe, Home and Exile

This dusty road, is certainly my link (and yours!) to all the other destinations.

This is a forum to share information and thoughts about a subject that I am passionate about — African writers and writings. I love to hear about African writers. I wish I had enough time to read all of them. At the very least, I take great pleasure in receiving and sharing any information about an African writer. I do this because I strongly feel that this needs to exist.

If you have any information that I have not included here please feel free to pass it along! This is all about sharing. Email me!